The Wizard of Tendrils, Vendril Nocivo, comes from a village in the deep forests. He studied at the Academy of Magical Arts in the city, though decided to return to his home village after completing his studies.
He is sometimes known as the “Verdant Poisoner,” because of his penchant for using poison and poisonous magic. His spells often visually manifest in sweeps and flourishes that resemble script calligraphy as well as look like plant tendrils.
He serves in his village council militia and believes strongly in duty to his community and devotion to nature. His grandfather is a Council Elder, whom Vendril greatly respects and admires.


Intelligence: 99
Wisdom: 80
Charisma: 90
Strength: 70
Speed: 75
Defense: 80
Attack: 95
Accuracy: 95
Magic: 98
Tactics: 90
Strategics: 95

*stats are based on a percentile statistical rank out of the entire known population of Earth.

October 29, 2019