Battle Princess

Battle Princess

Bred from birth to become the next ruling queen, Princess Dagmar is both highly skilled in combat and diplomacy.
For battle, like any other event, she prides herself on being the most fashionable one present. She likes big, fancy dresses and beautiful weapons. She is confident in battle and when in the “flow,” her prowess becomes elevated beyond normal human abilities. She also is versed in magic and likes to make use of her “omnipresent vision” to give her a strategic edge. She uses only the finest equipment, all of which is magically enhanced.


Intelligence: 99
Wisdom: 95
Charisma: 100
Strength: 80
Speed: 95
Defense: 99
Attack: 100
Accuracy: 99
Magic: 80
Tactics: 99
Strategics: 99

*stats are based on a percentile statistical rank out of the entire known population of Earth.

October 29, 2019